History of Palace in Lapa

History of Radio Palace

The Radio Palace is one of the palaces of the end of XIX century, that earlier lodged the Museum of the Portuguese National Radio Broadcast.

The heart of this museum was the 1st floor, with 8 rooms, which allow to follow the evolution of radio over time. This floor also showcased the theme rooms - a radio studio of the '50s and also a small auditorium with capacity of 30 people.

The museum held the diversity of pieces, which were distributed amongst the remaining floors, such as:amateur radio equipment, a library with thousands of books and magazines and a music hall. A general visit to this Radio Museum lasted about an hour.

The Radio Palace territory is 1326.6 m2 which is partially occupied by the palace, which was kept in good condition and is still increasing its asset value.

The Radio Palace Suites is a newly constructed building which was the patio with constructions made by the former National Radio.

The National Radio was created in 1935, taking over the public service broadcasting in Portugal. On Rua do Quelhas there were three recording studios and headquarters. Only in the mid-1990s the designated RDP - Portuguese Radio Broadcast left this palace.